Allergy & Dermatology Testing

Allergies and dermatological conditions can cause great discomfort and irritability in affected pets. Dermatology conditions include any problem that is affecting the skin, ears, fur, or nails. The clinical team at Stevenson Village Veterinary Hospital can help to address these unpleasant conditions by diagnosing the root cause of the discomfort, and formulating an individualized treatment plan to provide relief to your best friend.

Diagnosis is the first step towards recovery, and can be accomplished through a combination of physical examination, laboratory testing, biopsies, skin scrapings, and allergy testing. Before diving into the diagnostic testing process, our veterinary team will attentively listen to your concerns and descriptions of the issue. You know your pet best, and because allergies and dermatitis can be chronic and involve long-term treatment, it is important to have a comfortable and communicative relationship with your veterinarian.

After a conclusive diagnosis has been found, the treatment process will commence. Treatment can take many forms, including creams, oral medications, behavioral or care based changes, and more.

Allergies are one of the most common dermatological conditions that pets face. Just like humans, pets can be allergic to almost anything, from cleaning products to grasses or weeds, or even certain foods. If we decide that allergies are the likely culprit of the symptoms, we will advise allergy testing to conclusively determine the allergen in question. Treatment of allergies can include injections, oral medication, topical creams, or simple avoidance of the allergen if possible.

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