Digital Radiology

Digital x-ray science, or digital radiology, allows our team of trained veterinary professionals to make informed diagnostic decisions based on images of the musculoskeletal system.

The images are obtained through the process of projecting x-ray waves onto the pet, and then using special technology to process the “bounce-back” of the waves. This “bounce-back” gives us valuable information about the distribution of surfaces in the body, including the skeletal and muscular systems.

Digital radiology can help to diagnose many conditions, including congenital heart disease, pulmonary disease, pericardial disease, foreign bodies, and fractures, to name a few.

At Stevenson Village Veterinary Hospital, we are able to care for pets using the most advanced digital radiological technology. Several benefits of digital radiology include:

  • The ability to easily send information to specialists electronically
  • Faster acquisition of images (which expose your pet to less radiation and decrease the amount of time they have to sit still)
  • Greater precision of detail on the images
  • Easy electronic storage of images for future reference

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