Wellness exams are an essential element of a long, healthy, and happy life for our pet friends. Please don’t wait until your pet is feeling unwell to make an appointment! Schedule appointments at least once or twice a year to help promote optimal health and vitality in your pet before illness arises.

For most pets, a yearly wellness visit to the veterinarian will suffice. For senior pets, a twice yearly schedule better meets their age-related needs. For puppies and kittens, frequent visits every few weeks are necessary to ensure they are receiving their vaccinations and parasite prevention in a time-sensitive manner, and then every few months for the rest of their first year depending on their lifestyle, health, and growth.

During the wellness visit, the veterinarian will conduct a thorough physical examination. This physical assessment will consist of,

  • Checking the eyes and ears
  • Listening to the heartbeat
  • Looking into the mouth at the teeth and gums
  • Taking the temperature
  • Feeling the abdominals and stomach area to check for a healthy physique
  • Checking for any unusual lumps or bumps
  • Assessing the health of the coat and skin
  • Recording the weight

This physical examination can provide a veterinarian with a great overall picture of the pet’s health. If your pet has a sudden change in their physique, regular visits will allow a veterinarian to more easily compare their “usual” to any unusual developments.

The wellness visit is also a good chance for us to catch up with you, the caretaker and our client, and discuss your pet’s care. You know your pet better than anyone else, and can give us the best information about essential health “clues” such as their appetite, energy levels, and moods.

If any aspect of your pet’s wellbeing is in question, the veterinarian may recommend running diagnostic tests suited to the situation to get to the bottom of it. This may include a complete blood count, urinalysis, thyroid test, and more.

A fecal exam is also recommended for all pets at least once a year. If you have been fortunate to have a healthy and illness-free year with your pet, then odds are when you come in for your once annual wellness visit, we will ask you to bring a stool sample.

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