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Many pet parents feel worried when their sweet dog or cat requires a surgery. At Stevenson Village Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians are highly trained and experienced in performing a wide variety of surgeries ranging from the complex to the routine. Our practice is equipped with a technologically leading-edge surgical suite, and we want you to know that your pet’s health is safe in our hands when undergoing a surgical procedure.

Every pet who we treat surgically receives the best anesthesiology care available, attentive monitoring by our experienced team during the procedure, and fitting postoperative pain management.

For complex procedures that require a specialist, we enlist the expertise of Dr. Marilyn Kostlich, who is a board-certified veterinary surgeon with a specialty in orthopedic surgery and complex soft tissue surgery.

A few of the surgeries we commonly perform for our pet patients include,

Spay/Neuter Procedure – across the board, this is one of the most common surgeries performed at veterinary clinics because a large percentage of companion animals receive it. For female animals, our surgeon will remove the uterus and ovaries. For male animals, the testes are removed. Our veterinarians have performed countless successful spay/neuter procedures.

Surgical Oncology – the purpose of this surgery is to combat the spread of cancer by removing cancerous flesh. The earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the more smoothly this surgery tends to go. When devising a cancer treatment plan, our veterinarians will thoroughly discuss with you the different options available.

C-sections – are performed to assist the healthy birth of offspring in a pregnant female. Some breeds such as French bulldogs almost always give birth via c-section for anatomical reasons. Emergencies can also cause a c-section to occur.

Orthopedic Surgery – is surgery that is performed on the musculoskeletal system or joints. One of the most common of these surgeries is ACL repair. The ACL is one of the most frequently injured ligaments of the knee. Other examples of common orthopedic surgeries include dislocation, fractures, and luxating patella surgery.

Soft Tissue Surgery – these procedures are surgeries not related to the bones or joints. Some common soft tissue surgeries include spay/neuter procedure, hernia repair, or bladder stone removal.

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