In-house Laboratory

The in-house diagnostic laboratory at Stevenson Village Veterinary Hospital is equipped to provide timely and accurate results, sometimes even within minutes for specific tests.

The ability to provide our own laboratory services for clients helps to speed the diagnostic process; therefore, allowing your pet to receive treatment faster.

Several of the most common tests which we provide to our clients include,

Complete blood count, is a blood test that measures the levels of different blood cells (such as red blood cells or white blood cells) present in a sample. This can diagnose health concerns such as anemia, blood clotting, inflammation, and infection.

Electrolytes testing, measures the levels of different electrolytes (vital minerals) in the body such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium. This can help us to monitor bone metabolism and general body health, as well as concerns such as dehydration.

Thyroid tests measure the health of the thyroid gland, which significantly impacts metabolic function, and diagnoses thyroid disorders.

Blood chemistry panel is a series of tests used in tandem to study a certain organ of the body such as the pancreas, liver, or kidneys.

Urinalysis tests a urine sample to discover information about overall health. It can diagnose ailments of the kidneys such as diabetes. This test is highly recommended for senior cats.

Laboratory testing is imperative for the diagnosis of certain conditions, and helps our clinical team to monitor changing health trends in our patients. Although a veterinarian can uncover many potential issues from a physical examination, a laboratory test is often required for conclusive results.

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