Pain Management

When your pet is in pain, it affects the whole family. Seeing a pet suffer is one of the hardest burdens to bear as a pet owner.

Our veterinarians provide the most medically advanced pain management services available to our clients. The methods we will pursue to treat the pain will depend on its cause, and whether the pain is chronic or acute.

• Chronic pain is pain that is persistent, and steadily worsens over a long period of time. It is associated with chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or arthritis, which can be treated but in many cases cannot be cured overnight. Senior pets are most at risk for developing conditions associated with chronic pain.

• Acute pain is more sudden and sharp. Usually, once the cause of acute pain is addressed it will dissipate. Post-operative pain, or pain associated with trauma, is acute pain.

Methods that we can use to help alleviate pain in our patients include:

Medication – oral medication can greatly reduce feelings of pain in many circumstances. It is of paramount importance to carefully follow the veterinarians instructions for dosage, and to never give a pet any sort of pain medication that is not prescribed to them. Although pain medication can alleviate suffering, it can also be extremely dangerous if misused.

Environmental modifications – We can offer suggestions to change the patient’s environment so they will feel more comfortable. This may include the use of non-slip floor surfaces, steps to sleeping areas, and low-sided litter boxes, to name a few.

Acupuncture or alternative therapies – we are happy to provide a referral to a veterinary facility that provides alternative therapies and specialized care that can help to lessen your pet’s pain when performed in conjunction with traditional veterinary medicine.

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