Spay/Neuter Procedure

The primary goal of the spay/neuter procedure is to prevent reproduction, but many additional benefits concerning the individual pet’s health and behaviour are also achieved.

Spayed female pets tend to have longer lifespans on average for many reasons, including reduced risk of infections, breast cancer, and cancers of the reproductive system.

An unplanned litter requires a copious amount of time, money, and energy to care for properly. The responsibility of finding permanent loving homes for the offspring can also hang heavy on pet owners’ shoulders. If you do not plan an making the funds and time available for yourself to properly care for a litter, spaying your female dog will be in your best interest.

Neutered male pets also enjoy a decreased risk of cancers such as testicular or prostate cancer. Their lessened desire to roam also helps keep them safe. Neutered male dogs are also more trainable and calm than intact males.

Spaying or neutering your dog or cat also helps to control the pet population, and therefore the number of homeless pets on the streets and in animal shelters.

If you do not plan on responsibly and purposefully breeding your pet, having them spayed or neutered is the right decision for most pet owners.

Our doctors are highly experienced at performing these routine surgeries. Usually, after the procedure the pet can return home later the same day. For a few days they may seem a little more fatigued or sore than usual. This is normal. If these symptoms persist for more than two weeks without noticeable improvement, please call us and let us know. The vast majority of pets recover from the spay/neuter procedure seamlessly, but as with any surgery, there is some risk of infection or other complications.

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