Travel Certificates

Our veterinarians are able to provide this legal documentation for travel. Please call your airline in advance before picking the day of the travel documentation appointment. Many require that the certificate be dated within 10 days of the flight.

To receive a travel certificate, the pet must meet the following criteria:

  • Be free of disease
  • Be properly vaccinated in light of the travel destination
  • Be healthy enough to travel

If your pet cannot meet these standards on the day of the appointment, the veterinarian will be both morally and legally obligated to not sign a travel certificate at that time. If unable to receive a travel certificate, we can help you to meet the above criteria as best we can, but this may require more time.

We recommend that before travelling you research both the USDA guidelines, and any guidelines pertaining to your destination if travelling internationally.

We also ask that each owner carefully considers the pros and cons of bringing their pet with them on a trip. Travelling can be very stressful for pets, and unless they are small, they will most likely have to travel in steerage without the climate-controlled luxuries we associate with human air travel.

When booking a flight, try to reduce pet stress by choosing a direct flight, and avoid flying when temperatures may be extreme.

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